TEGG Service

tegg-brochureOTS’s TEGG Service group core business is protecting our customers from electrical systems failures, electrical fires, costly interruptions & property damage. OTS provides this service through the implementation of electrical preventive maintenance programs. Our results are guaranteed. If OTS certifies an electrical component is working properly and it fails, that component will be replaced free of charge.

OTS’s TEGG Service group provides professional support services including:

. Instruction and testing associated with electrical preventive maintenance programs

. Infrared Thermography
. Ultrasonic Testing
. Voltage and Ampere Diagnostics
. Power Factor Testing
. Proper Torqueing
. Power Quality Analysis
. Surge Protection Analysis

. Repairs and upgrades of electrical distribution systems
. Custom design and affordable pricing of electrical preventive maintenance programs
. Asset Management

De-Energized Preventive Maintenance – DPM is just one of the ways we can protect your electrical system from failures. Scheduling a shutdown to safely clean, exercise and check electrical connections will eliminate potential hazards.

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